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The Original Club Documents

The committee members chosen Messrs F Eames, M Tinne, J Miller, A Partidge, C Smith, R Page, H Chappell and T Tappenden. It was agreed that the S.M.R.C constitution be adopted and annual subscriptions were fixed at 5 shillings for adults and 2s 6d for juniors under 17.

Mr T Tappenden had kindly offered the club a suitable site to shoot and new members were invited to get in touch with the Club Secretary.

Extracts from the original meetings will be posted in the near future.

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History of Wickham & District Rifle Club

The club was originally founded in 1905 and includes a most imposing list of well known local personalities of the day, including Arthur H Lee who later became Lord Arthur Lee of Fareham.

The annual subscription was 1 shilling and 6 pence (1/6), the ammunition was obtainable from a slot machine at a cost of 5 rounds for one penny. Non members were invited to shoot at 3 pence per evening and entrance fees to competitions for silver spoons was 2 pence per time.

The original range was erected in the garden of the late Mr F. Hammond and had two firing points, the lighting was by gas generated on the spot, the light was either very good or very bad depending on the mood of the generator.

The clubroom consisted of a small extension of the Range about 8 feet square with only a barrier separating those firing and those resting. On business evenings the atmosphere could be a little trying with a strong mixture of carbide, black powder, smoke and tobacco.

The following is an extract from the Hampshire Telegraph dated 11th August 1944.

The foundations of Wickham & District Rifle and Pistol Club were laid in 1944, when Mr A Page presided at a public meeting held in the church hall and arranged by the Wickham Home Guard. It was decided to form a rifle club to be named the Wickham and District Rifle Club. It was started on the 1st of September 1944 and Mr A Page was elected President and Chairman, Mr F Birchall was Secretary, Mr W Heming the Treasurer and Mr Knight was the Auditor.