Air Rifles Section

The Air Rifle section is open to all participants who want to learn about the art of shooting various types of air rifle and pistols. The club will provide you with tuition, a rifle or pistol, targets and pellets.

A range officer will be on hand through out
the morning to ensure safety is adhered to at all times.

Wickham and District Rifle Club membership is open to all, regardless of age, gender or ability. We do Target shooting at an indoor range based at the Wickham Community Centre on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings.

A Team Fixtures

Wickham DRC have two teams entered into the Portsmouth and District Smallbore Rifle and Pistol Association's
Winter league for 2016/2017, the competition will be run with 10 teams with five fixtures shot at home and five away.

B Team Fixtures

Each team will consist of a Team Captain and seven shooters of which only the top five scores will count. Each team member will shoot one card consisting of ten shots and is allowed a maximum of five practice shots. The team with the best total score from the five top scoring shooters will be deemed to be the winner.

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Wickham and District Rifle Club's was originally formed in 1905 but was suspended during the First World War, the present club format was started in 1944. The original purpose of the club was to provide the Home Guard with a place to practice their shooting.  The club has evolved from the occasional practice night to running two competition teams in the Portsmouth and District Small Bore league and a successful Saturday morning Air Rifle section which attracts a wide variety of participants, young and old (minimum age is 10)